Every home in the community is considered a “Smart Home” due to state-of-the-art security systems and optional home control features.  Easily control the thermostat, lighting, window blinds, and garage door using your smart phone or laptop/desktop computer.

Fiber going to every home means you have gigabit speed internet which is 300x faster than your average high-speed internet. Tres Lagos is the only community in the Rio Grande Valley with internet speed of this magnitude. Secured surveillance cameras are monitored by the McAllen PD. Residences will also have video feed capability, so you can monitor entrances, streets, sidewalks, driveways, parks, and common areas in your neighborhood.

Tres Lagos works with Greenfield Communications to offer an unbelievable package that includes internet with unlimited data, 24/7 tech support, dynamic IP, television with 70+ channels, and security monitoring at a reasonable price that no one can beat. There are several add-on packages that you can choose from to expand your television channels, internet, or security.

*Enter Zip Code “78504” when Viewing Greeenfield Services and Packages.